The nightmares in your head…

At Smirkus summer camp last year (2015) the end of season performance was “The end of the world as we know it” and all performances were based on everyone’s biggest fears, i.e. being afraid of the ocean, afraid of being alone, afraid of the dark, etc.

In this performance, my group’s fear was the fear of spiders…..ewwww, how many of you have a fear of spiders? I don’t really care personally but both my brothers can’t stand them so I have to go catch and remove them or my brothers tend to act like girls if I don’t.  Silly boys!

Hope you enjoy this little performance. I’ll be adding lots more videos and photos from the last 4 years so that you can see my humble beginnings.

❤ Hannah

p.s. I am on the lower wire to the left first (girl in braids with back to you) and then on the middle wire at the end doing the straddle split. 🙂