Go Fund Me – Big Top Tour Dreams

Why do I have a Go Fund Me account? It is simple, because I believe in the power of dreams.

Big Top Tour Dreams – click here to donate. THANK YOU!

I do not ask for your funds lightly, I respect your hard earned dollar and where you choose to spend them. I know that you have a choice and I sincerely and respectfully hope that you will choose me.

I know there are many people out there that will believe this is a frivolous dream. That I am not worthy of their hard earned money, and that is okay, I respect their choices.  But we all know that one person, or have met someone in our daily crossings that inspired us, made us look back to our own youthful aspirations and made us believe in the power of today’s youth, that yes, we can do something good in the world when we set out to do so.

I hope that my dream, my grassroots training, my hard work, determination and the fact that I never let the words NO deter my efforts, inspire you. I want you to know that I will continue to work hard to earn your support, to earn your trust in where you choose to donate and give you plenty of reasons WHY in my posting updates that I am worthy of your benefit.

My parents have never ever told me my dreams were “crazy” even when I told them I wanted to run away and join Cirque du Soleil. They have embraced these moments and told me that if it is something I truly wanted I must be willing to work hard for it and never let anyone tell me that my dreams weren’t possible. To that end, I hope you will consider me and add whatever you feel is reasonable to my Go Fund Me campaign.  I thank you in advance and look forward to sharing many posts about my journey in the months and years to come!

With lots of love and gratitude….
Your favorite circus girl,
Hannah ❤


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