Hannah who? Me! That’s who.

About me, huh? Well, I am 15 years old and was born with a strong sense of adventure. My parents began taking my brothers and me camping when we turned 6 months old. So one of my happiest places is anytime I am outdoors, which might make me slightly a tomboy and I am okay with that. 😉

I am an honor roll student in advance placement classes. I am active in my community volunteering at various organizations when I have a few spare minutes here and there. My favorite is dog walking at our local animal shelter. They have some really cool trails behind the center and I love taking the dogs on the trails exploring nature. Remember my love of the outdoors, lol?

Did you know that girls can be Boy Scouts? Well, they can and I am an actual boy scout member with our local Venture Crew. In crew we participate in high adventure sports like rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, spelunking/caving, backpacking, mountaineering and more. One of the most important things we learn, are exposed to and also required to uphold is Leave No Trace principals. Our crew leader is a founder of LNT and I feel pretty lucky to be able to learn from the best.  You can’t officially join until you are 14 but I have been going on treks with my family and older brother for over 3 years now. Crew is definitely an important part of who I am.  We are back to the entire outdoor love of adventure…..maybe my mom and dad were on to something exposing us to outdoor life at such an early age, or maybe, I just love it because it’s cool.

I have lots of hobbies like cooking, drawing/art, making homemade greeting cards, etc but one that I love the most is refinishing furniture with my mom. In 6th grade I broke my foot and had a lot of downtime where I couldn’t participate in gymnastics full time. Instead of sitting around the house, my mom called me in to the garage one day and put power tools in my hands and told me to pick an old piece of furniture laying around and to make something new from it.  Whoa, what? So I did. there is a photo below of one of my pieces where I took a dresser mirror and turned it into a wall hanging menu board with a shelf to hold glasses, candles, etc.  One of my favorite pieces was turning an old yucky desk that we found for $9 into a beautiful rolling kitchen island, I’ll have to find a photo for you. But anyway, I love to use power tools, miter saws, sanders, drills and more.

****I’ll be working on some custom pieces to sell to help pay for my circus, if you are interested, let me know, I’d love to make something designed just for you!****

And last but not least, I am surrounded by some of the most amazing friends a girl could ask for. They make me laugh, wipe my tears, cheer me up and support all my crazy life’s dreams. If you are reading this, I love you. Thank you for being my friend.